Places We Are All Eager to Visit by Agness & Cez
Places We Are All Eager to Visit by Agness & Cez

Let’s be honest – there are some places on the map that have an undeniable need to be visited! we, Agness and Cez of eTramping, would like to entity you on a journey to some of the most incredible destinations in the world. These places have been drawing inspired travelers for hundreds and thousands of years, and for many different reasons. We hope that after spending some time here with us, that you might be convinced to pack up your bags, grab your passport, and follow the well-worn path to some of our earth’s greatest treasures.

The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are like a breathtaking cathedral of nature. You can hike through the terrain that is simply jumping with life, and there are many hiking trails to choose from. Watch in awe as birds of prey circle overhead, riding the air currents, or maybe you might even spy a big, wild cat (preferably from a distance!). You might be able to watch herds of deer or elk as they graze. At the end of the day, curl up in one of the many cozy hotels nestled into the Rocky Mountains (and there’s plenty to choose from – the Rocky Mountains cover a vast area).

Rocky Mountains

Can you imagine waking up to a fresh new morning, with the huge mountains in front of you, and breathing in that crisp air? There’s also camping, and horseback riding, and fishing, and you can even book a tour with a park ranger to hear more about this amazing place.

Egypt’s Ancient Wonders

There are two glowing attractions that really stand out when you think of Egypt – the pyramids and The Nile. It would be so easy to spend days wandering amongst the pyramids, and marvelling at the ancient skills that created such amazing structures. Enjoy the rich history surrounding these mystical landmarks. You might even be able to book accommodation that affords a spectacular view of the pyramids. What a sight to see when you step outside and watch the sun rising (or setting) behind the silhouette of the pyramids.

Pyramids of Egypt

Definitely an unforgettable travel experience. But it wouldn’t be quite complete without visiting The Nile – and there’s a lot of it to visit. The Nile is a magnificent river that flows life-giving water through many different countries. A great way to see more of Egypt would be to book a Nile River cruise, and drift along a river that has seen a lot of history.

Go on an Antarctic expedition

If there is definite appeal in both natural and man-made wonders, then surely nothing could quite compare to the icy realm of Antarctica. It is a place that seems frozen in time, and yet full of life and an ever-changing environment. This harsh but beautiful continent is very much under-visited by eager travelers, particularly when there is so much to see. If you board an Antarctica cruise you can find penguins toddling along on the ice shelves, watch with breathless awe as whales and seals break the cold waters, and visit historical huts of past explorers.

Antarctic Expedition

As you sail through drifting icebergs you will no doubt be glad you chose an Antarctica expedition of your own. Antarctica is a place that is surprisingly brimming with life. If you need a little more convincing before you book your own ticket to Antarctica, you can find many more reasons to visit in our article. [Read: 10 Reasons to visit Antarctica]

The Ganges of India

There is another river that definitely deserves our full attention. The Ganges of India is a river that has also seen a lot of history, but it is also a river that continues to be such a large part of India’s culture. It flows through many different states of India, and brings its water to the numerous people who need it. Apart from supplying much-needed water supply, the river is considered to be sacred for the Hindu people.

The Ganga River - India

The water of The Ganges is used in rituals, and for burials. Sitting along the riverbank of The Ganges will immerse you in a rich and vibrant culture that has a long history. An experience with The Ganges isn’t purely cultural. You can also go rafting on the rapids of The Ganges. This is just another incredibly fun way to experience the vibrant culture of this ancient river.

The Red Center of Australia

There are many iconic symbols of Australia, but one of the most unique is Uluru. This timeless red rock, seen rising from the red earth of the outback, is over 3km in length. That is a very big rock. It can be viewed from all sides, since there is a 10km walk right around it. Uluru is beautiful at all times of day, though it would be worth waiting to see the deep red of the rock set against the stunning Australian sunset (or sunrise).

The Red Center of Australia

You’ll want to make sure your camera is all charged up, ready to go. Uluru isn’t just a beautiful rock. It is a site filled with history and culture. It has been a significant place for the Indigenous peoples of Australia for thousands of years, and a visit to Uluru will definitely give you a rich understanding of its place in Indigenous culture. The beauty and significance of Uluru make it an unforgettable destination.

Put them all on your list…

There are places in the world that just stand out and shine. The Rocky Mountains lure us with stunning mountain peaks, and wild animals. The Nile and ancient pyramids draw us in with timeless wonder for their incredible history. There are countless attractions we are longing to discover hidden amongst the ice of Antarctica. The Ganges calls to us with its vibrant culture, and in the land down under a vast red rock called Uluru calls out to us to discover its beauty. There are many places in the world that we are all eager to visit, but these stunning wonders have stood the test of time and continue to amaze.

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