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5 World Records Hold by Japanese People

Japan excels at many things big and small — from the world’s tallest tower, to the world’s shortest escalator. It often has the youngest islands on the planet and the longest-living people. Having covered the country’s most impressive records, we

10 Things to Do Around Mount Fuji

Ask people to name one symbol of Japan and doubtful Mount Fuji will be up there as one of the top answers. While the country’s largest peak is climbable only one season of the year, there are plenty of things

Is Now the Time to Buy Property in Tokyo?

Alex Shapiro, co-founder of luxury real estate agency Blackship Realty and host of the Tokyo Portfolio Youtube channel, shares his insights on current Tokyo property trends and gives advice on purchasing a home in the metropolis.

Whether you’re interested in

Swimwear Shopping in Tokyo – Savvy Tokyo

Shopping for a new swimsuit is probably one of the most universally dreaded activities for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

In a country where most brands seem to only sell swimwear in one size (or two, if you’re