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Jean-Michel Gathy on Designing for Life

Otemachi, the long-standing downtown business district of Tokyo, is currently playing host to a number of the capital’s most opulent luxury hotels. One of the standouts is the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, an aesthetically stunning practice in peerless

“I gave birth in a tatami room”

Being a first-time parent is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from the excitement of nurturing a family to the general anxiety of “doing it right.” In collaboration with Saraya, a leading manufacturer of baby care products in Japan,

10 Things to Do Around Mount Fuji

Ask people to name one symbol of Japan and doubtful Mount Fuji will be up there as one of the top answers. While the country’s largest peak is climbable only one season of the year, there are plenty of things

The Beautiful Silence of Shusaku Endo Novels

The author of probably the 20th century’s most profoundly spiritual novels, Shusaku Endo is often overlooked in terms of his influence and impact on world literature. Sidelined, perhaps, due to the international acclaim for Japan’s Nobel laureates Yasunari Kawabata and

JackRoad: Our Go-to for Classic Luxurious Timepieces

As timepieces have developed over time, they’ve develop into precious collectibles that seize a sure second in time. Since every merchandise represents a selected technological and aesthetic interval and comes with its personal distinctive story, watch collectors at the moment