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5 World Records Hold by Japanese People

Japan excels at many things big and small — from the world’s tallest tower, to the world’s shortest escalator. It often has the youngest islands on the planet and the longest-living people. Having covered the country’s most impressive records, we

“I gave birth in a tatami room”

Being a first-time parent is a roller coaster of emotions ranging from the excitement of nurturing a family to the general anxiety of “doing it right.” In collaboration with Saraya, a leading manufacturer of baby care products in Japan,

JackRoad: Our Go-to for Classic Luxurious Timepieces

As timepieces have developed over time, they’ve develop into precious collectibles that seize a sure second in time. Since every merchandise represents a selected technological and aesthetic interval and comes with its personal distinctive story, watch collectors at the moment

9 Enjoyable Information About Tokyo Station

Whereas Shinjuku Station takes the title as the most important and Shimbashi as Japan’s oldest, Tokyo Station may need the richest and most fascinating historical past. Building started in 1908, however the station solely opened to be used in 1914